Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Services

Macintyre Plumbing is a fully licenced and insured company, offering professional skills and experience in all aspects of commercial plumbing.

From small repairs to complete commercial projects, you can be assured we will meet your expectations.

commercial plumbing services

Macintyre Plumbing provides the following commercial services:

Chemical Drainage

Backflow Prevention

Commercial Grease Interceptors

Recirculating Pumps

Commercial Water Softeners

Copper Press Piping

We offer a copper pro press system, this system can connect copper piping from 1/2” to 4” without soldering. This allows a quicker repair in a commercial application.

Benefits of this system offer a repair or new install without no flame, this means no smoke or heat alarms need to be isolated or by passed, also work can be completed with water still in pipes no need to drain entire buildings to solder.

AquaRise Water Distribution Systems

Complete installation of AquaRise Water Piping. This system is a certified process where plastic water lines are glued together instead of soldering.

This system meets all requirements in commercial buildings meeting all flame and smoke regulations. Also this piping in most cases does not require insulation.

Complete Commercial Washrooms

Sewage Ejector Pump Systems

Designed and engineered systems to allow you to install a washroom or a device where there is no natural gravity sewer pipping available.

This enclosed device is installed beneath the ground and flush with the finished floor, containing a high quality cast iron mulching sewage pump to dispose of sewer waste and pump it to your nearest sanitary connection.

Our sewage ejector systems are complete systems designed with access lids to service pump with out removing pump from pit, also our system provides two pump systems and high water alarms sent to your I phone or by an alarm to notify you of a potential issue.

For all your commercial plumbing needs, call us at 905-985-0910
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