Water Treatment

Water Treatment Service

As your local Excalibur Water Systems Dealer, Macintyre Plumbing assures that you have the best water water treatment systems on the market!  

Call today for our no charge home water test and consultation. We can help you find the best solution for treating your water!

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Water Treatment Sytems

Complete water treatment systems designed and installed by our team of certified technicians.

Water Testing

Water testing performed by our water treatment specialists.

Water Treatment PROduct Installation SErvices

Pressure Tank

If you live in a rural area chances are you have a pressure tank in your water system. Our team installs and disposes pressure tanks safely and quickly so that you can have your water back on. If you’re having problems with your existing pressure tank don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Water Softener

Hard water is a big problem, solve it with one of our premium water softeners. These will save your fixtures and keep your plumbing system healthy.

Iron Filter

If your house is connected to well water, chances are you may have iron in your water. We will test your water to insure that have iron, and with that information ,we will install a iron filter system to prevent iron from entering your potable water.

Ozone Injection

A common problem with well water is people generally mistake iron bacteria for iron. If our team finds iron bacteria in your water, your system will be subject to an ozone injection system. This will inject ozone into the system killing the iron bacteria present.

Ultraviolet Light

A UV light is installed in a house to kill all bacteria. This is a safe option for safe drinking water on a well. Our team will install and change the light annually.

Water Filters

Water filters are generally put before the Ultra violet light. The action of the filter is to stop any sediment from entering the water system

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is a system that produces clean drinking water to your fridge and or a fixture. The water goes through 3 filters before it gets sent for you to drink. We install these regularly and are very well trained in the system.

Salt Delivery

Need salt for your softener? We deliver and stock salt so don’t worry.

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